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The Chazon Ish

🙌🏽B”H we are only the messengers, and the tzadikim are the conduit to Hashem and our prayers. 🙌🏽

A BIG Thank You to our sponsors is dedicated to our sponsors Miriam Chana Bat Zahava and Marlo Bat Sheryl. May Miriam Chana Bat Zahava Marty her Zivug speedily, have good health, parnassa and success and Marlo Bat Sheryl have Shalom bayit, Parnassa, simcha, success and nachas from her children. May Hashem bless them always and help them attain all their heart's wishes for the very best, amen

Everyone who posted in the “The Chazon Ish ” prayer thread, your prayers were prayed for at The Chazon Ish’s kever. Please light a candle in his merit today! May we all hear good news soon!

If you find value in Emuna Builders praying at Holy Tzadikkim kevers your prayers, please consider being a partner to $8/month.

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