tikkun haklali


Rebbe Nachman of Breslev of saintly and blessed memory revealed the ten Psalms that are collectively known as "HaTikkun HaKlali", or "the general remedy". These ten Psalms possess a unique power of purification, enabling anyone who says them to regain his or her status of spiritual purity. Per Rabbi Arush "these ten specific Psalms are able to bring about amazing deliverances and especially healing because they contain ten types of melody that vitalize the ten types of pulses that give a person life. As such, they serve to atone the most severe sins, which in turn are the causes of many illnesses." 


Rapid charge

Rapid Charge (If You Want) Your Tikkun Haklali Say Psalm 148 After Tikkun Haklali: Rabbi Alexander Ziskind of saintly and blessed memory writes explicitely (Yesod VeShoresh HaAvoda, Gate 3, Section 5) that Israel governs over creation and that creation must comply with Israel's directives. In his elaboration of Psalm 148, he notes that a person in this lowly physical world has the power of commanding all the creations – both in the upper worlds and in the lower worlds – to praise Hashem; they are required to obey, as a fundamental law embedded in the very fiber of creation. Anyone who realizes that his or her prayers, Psalms, and songs of praise have the power to dictate orders to all of creation will surely acquire a burning desire to sing constant songs of thanks and praise to Hashem; these songs of thanks and praise are a scepter in a person's hands that enables him or her to rule over nature.

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Turbo Charge I(f You Want) Your Tikkun Haklali By Saying Psalm 148 and Pereq Shira: Prayer and songs of thanks and praise transcend time and space limitations, and therefore enable a person to rise above natural confinements. As the most important of creations, human beings have the potential to rule over nature. By saying "Pereq Shira", the collection of songs that each creation sings to Hashem daily, a person materializes this potential. Reciting HaTikkun HaKlali, followed by Psalm 148, and then Pereq Shira has the power of purifying a person, granting the reign over creation, and initiating an abundance of material and spiritual blessings. Indeed, reciting the Psalms and songs of praise are conducive to one's individual soul correction as well as to the soul correction of all of creation. Even more, the recitation of HaTikkun HaKlali, Psalm 148, and Pereq Shira in succession brings indescribable gratification to Hashem, Whose sole desire is to bestow limitless blessings upon His beloved children.