Emuna Coaching

Esther is a trained Emuna Coach under the endorsement of Rabbi Shalom Arush of Jerusalem, Israel.

Emuna coaching is a faith-based method of emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that was developed in Israel by Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen under the endorsement of and spiritual guide, Rabbi Shalom Arush. Emuna Coaching is a unique and proven path for personal growth that is based on the perfect wisdom of the Torah. You will be led on a wonderful journey of mind, body, and spirit that will enable you to achieve:

- A deep recognition of your rare and special qualities

- A greater understanding of your life's destiny and purpose

- A sense of personal wholeness, vitality, and aliveness

- The ability to live fully and spontaneously in the moment

- An enhanced capacity to relate to yourself, to others, and to G-d

- An awareness of Divine messages within life events and discovering your innate capacity to grow from them

- An appreciation of the need for challenges as avenues for hope, learning, and growth

- A life filled with humility, gratitude, optimism and joy

- A deep appreciation for the special qualities of each person

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Donations go to providing low-income families with health-and-wellness guidance and coaching.

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