From Siddur HaRav Benyahu

Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat HaMekubalim Nahar Shalom

(To be said whenever eating)

​Rabbi Chaim Vital writes in Sha’arei Kedusha (gates of holiness) that his master, the Ari HaKadosh, told him to be very scrupulous when eating because one who wishes to become a Tzaddik needs to eat in a very exhalted manner.

​There are many complex and mystical intentions with divine names when eating. It’s important to have least have the basicconsciousness to: separate the good from the bad (spiritually), elevate the fallen sparks, rectify the reincarnated souls (from the food), rectify the spiritual worlds and bring divine abundance to them.

​This prayer serves to ask the Master of the Universe to assist one in this immensely holy work:

May it be your will, Lord my God and the God of my forefathers, that through the power of [the numerical values associated with the intentions] M’U (מ״ו 46), NA’CH (נ״ח 58), LECH’EM (לח״ם 78), DA’K (ד״ק 104), P’AD (פ״ד 84), that add up to 370 supreme lights that are two times אלף למד אלף למד spelled out [from the name אל] that my eating achieve the same effect as the sacrifices that united the upper forces from below to above so that the essence of the eating goes to the liver, and from the liver to the heart, and from the heart to the brain from below to above, from Assiyah to Yetzirah, from Yetzirah to Beriyah, and from Beriyah to Atzylut, level above level, until the Infinite Ein Sof, blessed be He, and, from there, great sustenance is brought down and flows to all the worlds until it reaches me and each and every one of my limbs should be strenghtened with its counterpart above.

And may it be your will, Lord my God and God of my forefathers, that all sparks of holiness from this food here, and all spirits reincarnated there, should be filtered and rectified properly, and whatever wasn’t filtered and rectified, You Almighty God, who performs kindness with your immense compassion, complete their filtering and rectification, and do it for the sake of your great name so that they shouldn’t sin or harm anymore, protect me and save me from all forbidden eating and ensure that no failing should come to me, and return them to the holy side as they were originally, clean of all evil, and may all our souls be cleansed.

“And God will be King over all Earth on that day when He will be One with His Name”

וְהָיָה יְהוָה לְמֶלֶךְ עַל כָּל הָאָרֶץ בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא יִהְיֶה יְהוָהאֶחָד וּשְׁמוֹ אֶחָד

(Zecharia 14:9)

“May the pleasantness of the Lord our God be upon us and the fruits of our hands be established for us and in themselves”

וִיהִי נֹעַם אֲדֹנָי אֱלֹהֵינוּ עָלֵינוּ וּמַעֲשֵׂה יָדֵינוּ כּוֹנְנָהעָלֵינוּ וּמַעֲשֵׂה יָדֵינוּ כּוֹנְנֵהוּ

(Tehilim 90:17)

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Prayer to be saved from suffering

From the book Tana D’vei Eliyahu Rabbah

​One important aspect of healing suffering and preventing it, is to praise Hashem and acknolwedge his good judgment. When we do that, we bring the judgment back to its source, and sweeten it, bringing blessing to all Creation.

This is the prayer:

Master of the universe, it’s written in your Torah:

“Because you did not serve God your Lord with happiness and a good heart, with all your might. And you shall serve your enemies whom your God will send to you with hunger and thirst, naked and lacking everything, and He shall give an iron yoke on your neck until he will destroy you.”

Therefore, may the great and holy King be blessed and praised, for He is the life and sustenance of each and every the world, blessed be He and His name forever and ever until the end of time, for giving me life in this world and not destroyed mefrom the Earth.

And so was King David wont to say: Had it not been for the words of your Torah that pleased me when suffering came, I’d have already uprooted myself from the world, as it’s written:

“Had your Torah not been my wonder, I’d havealready perished in my poverty.”

This article was written and published in the zechut of all Emuna Builder Partners. May they have complete emuna and continue in spreading emuna!

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Updated: Jan 4

Baruch Hashem, it’s been a great 2 years since Emuna Builders

became official. We’ve grown from a small group of

sisters into an amazing community dedicated to the service of the

Creator. We’ve been doing many great things together, but there’s a

lot more to come!

Our group has been focused on opening the channels of prayer

and salvation to everyone. As we explained in many places, going to

Kivrei Tzaddikim (Graves of the Righteous) has tremendous power to

effect salvation.

While some might think that this is just a “Kabbalistic” custom,

the fact is that it is recorded in the Shulchan Arukh (the Code of

Jewish Law), Orach Chaim 579:3. It’s written that one should go to

the graves of the righteous, especially during fast days or difficult

times. It’s been widely accepted to visit them also on Rosh Hashanah

and Tisha B’Av. The Arizal teaches us that the Nefesh of a Tzaddik

who passed away remains in the grave and going there can arouse

him to pray for us since they are compassionate. We don’t pray to

them, though we can certainly ask them to pray for us, as the Shelah

HaKadosh, Pri Megadim and Maharam Schik, among others teach us.

This is one of the reasons the Talmud (Taanit 16a) gives to

visiting Kivrei Tzaddikim. Another reason is to remind us of our own

mortality. Here in this plastic world of materiality, we all have

misconceptions due to faulty comparisons with the next person.

Going to the graves of the righteous remind us that this world is

temporary and the body’s end is the same no matter if you are rich or

poor, wise or ignorant, strong or weak and so on. It puts things more

in perspective and can also push a person to Teshuvah.

I’ve seen many fantastic things happening to our members and

am glad to have started it. The power of our community combined

(almost 4,000 people!) certainly adds to the efficacy of prayers and

this is actually brought down. Based on Chassidic and Kabbalistic sources, the intention to

connect to a larger group can greatly enhance its power even if

people are so far apart.

According to our sages, prayer is “one of the things that stand

at the top of the world, but people despise it”. Rebbe Nachman of

Breslev also taught us that it has the power to change nature and

actually is an aspect of having true Emuna. This is one of the reasons

why he stressed in many places 1 hour of hitbodedut (prayer in

seclusion) every day.

Going to the graves of the righteous increases our connection

to them. When a Tzaddik is buried, his grave opens up a portal that

traverses the spiritual worlds all the way to the Throne of Glory. That

is why any Torah and Prayer that is done next to the graves has much

more value.

It’s also noteworthy that the bodies of many of the Tzaddikim

who have purified themselves so much didn’t decay. There’ve been

witnesses of this fact with the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Yochanan Perlow of

Karlin Stolin and Rabbi Abdullah Somaich among many others.

Prayer is an essential life skill, which in fact can measure how

one is living. A person who prays can truly feel Hashem close by and

can rid himself of many problems. In fact, many of our Rabbis teach

us that Hashem sends us challenges particularly so we are forced to

pray. Remember that the more you pray, the better you get at it and

you should never give up for Rabbi Natan of Breslev and many others

already attested that praying for something straight for 40 days is

sure to give some result (provided the prayer is worthy).

It’s been a great honor to be able to help so many people with

you! If you or someone you know needs help, make sure to sponsor a

prayer trek or attend one of our upcoming courses or prayer sessions.

Be sure to also subscribe to our newsletter and I hope to hear

from you soon!

This article was written and published in the zechut of all Emuna Builder Partners. May they have complete emuna and continue in spreading emuna!

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