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Part 3 Rebbe Zvilner Prayer Trek

March 16, 2020

Part 3 of the Segulah Prayer trek! In the zechut of Leib Eliyahu Ben Yahel Yehudit for a total teshuva shleima, success in his life and school, for finding happiness within, and when the time comes marry a Jewish woman under the chupa.

Sponsor for 1st Monday sponsored: Rochel Leah bas Chava Shifra Shalom Avraham ben Toby Yakov Yosef ben Rochel Leah Chaya Raizel bas Chava Shifra To be blessed with of Mazal, Bracha, Health Happiness Parnassah Success Shalom Bayis and with all our hearts desires.

Sponsor for Thursday Aviva bar Sarah. May HaShem help her attain her hearts desires speedily, good health, complete emuna and shalom.

Sponsor for the last Monday in the Zechut of Virginia Campbell. May HaShem help her attain her hearts desires speedily!

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