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Women Emuna BUilders!

There is a special group of Women Emuna Builders on facebook. This is a place for women to learn, grow and have their prayers prayed at Holy sites in Israel. Membership is free!

Believe to conceive

This group is for women who are believing in conceiving their desires of creating a family. This includes women who may have fertility challenges, miscarriages and other challenges they may encounter while on their journey of conceiving their desires to create a family. Membership is free!


Emuna Builders holds FREE 40-day challenges.. These challenges are spiritual exercises to build your spiritual muscles! Many people who have completed these challenges have experienced miracles in their life!

Membership is free!

Emuna Builder Partners Only 

Emuna Builders Partner group is a co-ed group where partners enjoy their own partners online group, partner only treks, and other spiritually uplifting incentives! 

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