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Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah

Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah was a second / third generation Tana who was temporarily appointed as Nasi at age 18 when Rabbi Gamliel was expelled from his position. Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah was a Kohen and a tenth generation descendant of Ezra Hasofer whom inherited great family wealth. He is well known for his role early in the Pesach Hagadah. Rebbe Eleazar ben Azariah studied under Rabbi Yossi Haglili and then moved to Yavneh joining the Sages of the Mishna.

All EB partners were prayed for at Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah tomb today!This was an exclusive EB Partner Prayer Trek!!!#EBPartnerPrayerTrekExclusive If you would like to become an Emuna Builder Partner you can join today!

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