My teacher Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen is giving an emuna coaching webinar!

Class One: Yishuv Hadaas

Revealing your Capacity for Deep Emotional Peace and Serenity

Class Two: Your True Eternal Self

Getting to Know your Ultimate You

Class Three: The Power of Oneg

Unleashing your Capacity for Lasting Pleasure and Joy

Class Four: The Power of Hiskashrus

Revealing your Unity with yourself, others and with the Creator

Class Five: The Power of Havdalah

Learning to Separate Negative Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

Class Six: Tikun HaMiddos

Discover your Most Challenging Personality Trait and Balancing it with your other Traits

Class Seven: Self-Understanding

Finding Your True Purpose and Mission in Life

Class Eight: The Power of Decision

Mapping out your Personal Life Plan for the Next Year

Class Nine: The Power of Cheshbon

A Method for Ongoing Self-Assessment and Alignment with your Life Plan

Class Ten: The Power of Personal Prayer

Learning to Speak to the Creator in your own Unique Way

Fee: $199 for entire Webinar Dates: Sunday Mornings 9 am - 11 am EST, November 4th - January 6th For More Information or to Enroll Call Us: From the U.S.: 1-178-577-2975 / to dial directly to Israel: +972-2-532-3339 / Hours you can reach us: 2 pm - 11 pm Israel time. Rabbi Aharon Dubinsky Staff@Breslev.co.il

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