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👑 Embracing the Power of a Queen 👑

In the mystical realm of Kabbalah, the essence of a queen's power lies not in dominance, but in her profound ability to receive with unwavering faith and totality. Enter Queen Esther, a shining example of this divine principle. 👸

Esther's sovereignty wasn't about ruling with might; it was about allowing a greater force – history and divine providence – to flow through her. When Mordechai urged her to risk her life by approaching the king, she faced an ultimate decision. 🌟

With unparalleled courage, Esther chose to participate in the grand spiritual triumph of her people. She sealed her choice with unforgettable words: "If I am lost, I am lost." 🌠

Esther's choice mirrors the choices we all encounter. Will we embrace life's broader, inclusive sense, making room for a wider existence that seeks revelation and rebirth? Or will we let our worlds shrink into the confines of self, where even safety is an illusion?

Imagine the little girl with her plastic crown, boldly declaring, "I have nothing of my own." Her very essence, like renewable lenses, magnifies the infinite light into our world. It's her "poverty" that crowns her as queen. And what a queen she is! 👑✨

Let Esther's story remind us that true royalty lies in our capacity to receive, to trust, and to embrace the grandeur of life's unfolding journey. Let us be the queens of our own destinies, enriching the world with our unique, transparent essence. 🌍💖

In the zechut of Malka Freida bat Rahel& Family. May HaShem help them attain all their hearts desires speedily with complete emuna.

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I’m glad to see this post! I’m not on FB any longer, and I’ve missed Women Emunah Builders!

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