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Calming A Troubled Mind

Self-compassion means we treat ourselves with the same care and kindness that we would for someone we care for and love. Self-compassion is manifested in not only thoughts but also behavior. In this course you will learn evidence-based techniques to cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Science has shown when individuals practice self-compassion it can reduce worry and improve wellbeing and resiliency.

In this mini course topics include:

Calming a troubled mind.

Developing self-appreciation by discovering qualities that you can appreciate about yourself

Develop a sense of common humanity, which is a crucial component of self-compassion.

Reframe self-critical and judgmental thoughts into more realistic, helpful thoughts to move towards self-acceptance.

Raise your awareness of your inner critic and the consequences of this voice in terms of emotions and motivation.

Create distance from their self-critic, learning to observe rather than judging.

Identify your own unique internal Judger voice and work with it, instead of engaging in the battle.

Increase the your awareness of inner criticism and promote a more self-compassionate stance towards self.

Increase daily awareness of self-critical thoughts and promote thoughts and behavior that reflect a more compassionate relationship with the self.

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