Rebbe Zvilner Part 2/3 Segulah Prayer Trek

🙌🌷🌳Sivan 26/ June 18🌳🌷🙌

Baruch HaShem! Good News!

🙌🏽B”H we are only the messengers, and the tzadikim are the conduit to Hashem! Deep gratitude to our sponsor!

Everyone who commented in the “Zvilner Rebbe” your prayers were prayed for today!

Please take up a good deed if you haven’t already and light a candle for the Tzadik .

Rebbe Zvilner3 part segulah prayer trek!!! Part 2 of 3

Monday (leg 1) in the Zechut of Moshe Nechemia Ben Brauna, Shoshana Etta bas Masha, Rivkah Malkah bas Shoshana Etta, and Devorah Bailah bas Shoshana Etta and anonymous member.

Thursday (leg 2) in the Zechut of Chana Tamar bas Shayna Rivka

Monday (leg 3) in the Zechut of Aaron Moshe Ben Freidel Chaya

May Hashem help them attain all their hearts desires speedily!

May we hear good news soon💓

May all our teffilot be answered speedily!

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