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Rav Dimi of Nahardaa, Abaye, and Raba

Emuna Builder Partner Exclusive Prayer Trek: Wow wow wow!! The Creator of The Universe made my day today!!! I have been trying to find these hidden kevers since I moved to the north and today I finally found them!! They are literally in a Forrest off a beaten path and then all of a sudden it opens upon to something B amazing!!!!!! B”H!

All partners were prayed at these Tzadiks kevers... These Tzadiks names are mentioned over 4, 000 times in the Talmud! I left smiling and laughing and just repeating Toda Raba Hashem! It was truly an amazing experience !!!

I prayed at Rav Dimi of Nahardaa, Abaye, and Raba #rabbanim #rabbanims #rav #rabbi #rabbin #tzadik #tzadikim #israel#tzaddikim

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