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Rabbi Yehuda bar IIai - Parnassa Prayer Trek

🌸💗🌸🌳Happy Tu B’ Shevat Sisters 🌸💗🌸🌳 Baruch HaShem! Good News!

🙌🏽B”H we are only the messengers, and the tzadikim are the conduit to Hashem!

Deep gratitude to our sponsors!This parnassa (livelihood) prayer trek @Rabbi Yehuda bar IIai is in the zechut of Miriam Chana Bat Zehava Chaya, Shoshanah L’Orah bat Sarah incredible parnassah and also that they will be under the Chuppah soon with their beshert.Tizka l'mitzvot!Everyone who commented in the “Parnassa” your prayers were prayed for today!May we all continue to hear good news speedily!!Please take up your good deed if you haven’t already and light a candle for the Tzadik.

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