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It's a great mitzvah to be happy!

It's a great mitzvah to be happy! -Rebbe Nachman

This is a beautiful saying, however there are some of us who struggle to be "naturally" happy and that's NORMAL!

Discover evidence-based tools and techniques to actually boost your happiness!

This Science-Based 10 day course Boost Happiness & Wellbeing:

✓ Happiness Assessment: Quiz yourself on some key aspects of happiness.

✓ What is Happiness: Gain clarity on your definition of happiness.

✓ Savoring: Learn how to prolong positive emotions.

✓ Personal Strengths: Identify your strengths to better seize opportunities.

✓ Emotion Regulation: Learn how to use cognitive reappraisal.

✓ Resilience: Learn how to thrive even in negative situations.

✓ Assertiveness: Grow your ability to get your needs met.

✓ Happiness Beliefs: Explore how your beliefs affect your happiness. ​

✓ Happiness Values: Learn what emotions you value and how to prioritize them.

✓ Best Possible Self: Improve your views of yourself and your potential.

✓ Healthy Emotional Processing: Work on increasing self-awareness and acceptance.

✓ Unhealthy Emotional Processing: Work to short circuit negative thought processes.

✓ Acts of Kindness: Create an action plan for kindness.

✓ Create Your Personal Happiness Plan: Explore which strategies are the best fit for you and create your own happiness plan.

✓ Prioritizing Positivity: Plan to engage in activities that generate happiness.

✓ Train the Brain to be Happier: Strengthen memory for and attention to positive information.

✓ Self-Compassion: Learn how to be nicer to yourself.

✓ Mindfulness: Practice being more present in the moment.

✓ Gratitude: Practice being more grateful.

✓ Empathy & Active Listening: Strengthen relationships

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