Idra Raba

Baruch HaShem! Good News!

🙌🏽B”H we are only the messengers, and the tzadikim are the conduit to Hashem! Deep gratitude to our sponsor !

===================== In the Zechut of Ellyitah bas Yosseffa Miriam 12 yrs old a Zeese and tiere Neshama with Gitte Malachim that BubbyZl always sent our way and that your surgery January 27 be guided by Hashem with His shleichim be successful AMEN AMEN AMEN.


Idra Rabba (Zohar 3:127b-145a): R. Shimon bar Yohai convenes with nine other scholars, and they gather in the sacred אִדְרָא, or threshing field, where they thresh out secrets.[1] Each scholar expounds various configurations of the partsufim, and three of them die in ecstasy while doing so.

Everyone who commented in the “Idra Raba” your prayers were prayed for today!

May we all continue to hear good news speedily!!

Please take up your good deed if you haven’t already and light a candle for the Tzadik

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