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Hillel HaZaken and the secret of Shmittah

Hillel HaZaken (the Elder) was one of the greatest and most important

Tannaim (sages of the Mishnah), Nasi (leader) of the Jewish People, and

descendent of King David’s lineage. He lived through a very difficult time of

oppression from the Roman conquerors and was known for his extreme humility,

leaving this world around year 8 C.E..

His positions in the Mishnah are almost always the lenient ones, compared

to his rival and colleague Shammai. In light of this, the Arizal writes that he was

sourced in the aspect of Chesed (lovingkindness), while Shammai had his roots in

Gevurah (severity). Barring few cases, we always follow the law according to Beit

(the academy of) Hillel, but many Kabbalists state that, in the World to Come, we

will follow Beit Shammai, who’s stricter.

The Arizal explains that Hillel HaZaken lived 120 years, and had a special

spark of Moshe Rabbenu himself, as only few others had it.

Shmittah and the Prozbul

One of the most important inventions of Hillel HaZaken was the Prozbul.

There’s no accurate translation to this word, but the explanation is as follows:

When the 7 th year of Shmittah comes, there’s a positive commandment in the

Torah for creditors to cancel their due against debtors that owe them. This

creates a natural aversion for people to lend money when they know that the

year of Shmittah will come soon, and they won’t be able to collect their due. As a

result, fewer and fewer people are willing to lend money, making life a lot more

difficult for those in need of a loan.

The Prozbul is a mechanism through which the lender sells his contract to

the Beit Din (rabbinical court). Since the Beit Din can collect money on Shmittah

(as it is not a single person, but an organization), this simple solution solved a lot

of problems and no doubt was given to Hillel HaZaken due to his exalted level.

One might think that this would be “cheating the system”, but the

commandments of the Torah were given to improve our lives, not diminish them.

Since Hillel HaZaken saw that people were unwilling to give out loans because of

Shmittah, he realized measures needed to be taken, for the benefit of the people.

Secrets of Hillel and Shemittah

In Sha’ar HaKavanot (Gate of Mystical Intentions), the Arizal writes that no

Tefilah is ever the same. Not even if they are recited in the same day, not if they

are from the same category (like Mincha or Ma’ariv), but from a different day.

And even each and every one of us has a unique Tefilah that is unique to his/her

specific date and time. In his words, “there’s never been a Tefila that will be the

same since the beginning of Creation like the one we pray now, and there will

never be one like it until the coming of Mashiach”.

Think about how wondrous this is. Someone might be bored or tired of the

same service and think “what am I even accomplishing by praying?”. This can be

true when one doesn’t see any effects. But in reality, every day is a completely

new creation, and every single rectification we effect is new different!

The Rashas’h (Rabbi Shalom Sharabi) went further and divided the entirety

of Creation’s time according to the Sephirot. However, this division is according to

the Partzuf HaYomi (spiritual system of daily life). There are other systems, such

as the Partzuf HaZemanim (spiritual system of festivals). In this system, we see

that all Jewish Festivals have an influence throughout the entire year and it

counts the years according to Shemittah and Yovel (the 50 th year).

This is a subject which is very complicated to put into words, but we learn

that the year of Shmittah is related to the Sephira of Bina, the world of freedom

and the year we are currently in 5782. Interestingly enough there are a few

Kabbalistic schools that have the custom of not using any of the mystical

intentions for the entire year. They reason that this special year has a special

illumination that transcends the usual mystical intentions that are used

throughout the other years.

We can surmise that it’s specifically because of this illumination that

Hashem commands us to cancel all debts and all servants need to be set free.

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