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40 Challenges Complete Today! Well done!

Congratulations to everyone who completed one (or several) of the Emuna Builder 40 day challenges!TODAY Thursday Feb 4, 2021 was the 40th day!

We are restarting TOMORROW the 40 day challenges Friday Feb 5, 2021.

Please share these spiritual exercises with your friends!

If you didn't get to do a challenge last round, please join us to build your spiritual muscles!

#NishmatKolChai40 (segula for yeshuos)

Nishmat Kol Chai for 40 days (segula for yeshuos)

Reading 13 Principles of Faith (segula for Parnassa) for 40 days

Gratitude Walk (10 minute min everyday for 40 days

Reading Perek Shira for 40 days (known Segula for yeshuos)

Hitbodedut for 40 days (Personal Prayer)

Reading Tikkun Haklali everyday for 40 days

Reciting Song of Songs everyday for 40 days

Reciting Fertility 119 Stanza for 40 days

PM Esther or Chava WhatsApp link

Az Yashir (segula to marry your soulmate)

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