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 Yonatan ben Uzziel  Hillel had 80 students.The biggest among them was Yonatan ben Uzziel.He translated the [book of] Prophets [to Aramaic].Any bird that flew over him was incinerated. It's written in [the book] Shalshelet Hakabbalah [The Chain of Kabbalah] that his days were extended. In his youth he received [the tradition] from Chagai, Zechariah and Malachi and in his old age he was among the companions of Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai (Bava Batra 134 a). [The sages in the Gemara] said of Yonatan ben Uzziel that when he sat and was engaged in Torah, any bird that flew over him was immediately incinerated (Rashi's interpretation: the ministering angels would gather around him to hear the words of Torah from his mouth. Tosafot interpreted: the words were as happy as when they were given at Sinai when the Torah was given by fire) (Sukkah 28 a). The Aramaic translation of the Prophets was composed by Yonatan ben Uzziel based on a tradition going back to the last prophets, Chagai, Zechariah and Malachi. The Gemara relates that when Yonatan ben Uzziel wrote his translation Eretz Israel quaked over an area of four hundred parasangs (parsa)by four hundred parasangs, and a Divine Voice emerged and said: Who is this who has revealed My secrets to Mankind? Yonatan ben Uzziel stood up on his feet and said: I am the one who has revealed Your secrets to mankind. It is revealed and known to You that I did this not for my honor and not for the honor of the house of my father, but rather for Your honor I did this, so that discord not increase among the Jewish people. And Yonatan ben Uzziel also saught to reveal a translation of the Writings, but a Divine voice emerged to him and said: It is enough for you that you translated the Prophets. What is the reason that he was denied permission to translate the Writings. Because it has in it a revelation of the end, when Moshiach will arrive (Megillah 3a).

Yonathan Ben Uzziel Prayer Trek

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