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Rabbi Ezra Atiyah 
He was one of the greatest teachers of Torah in the Sephardic Jewish world during the 20th century. He was rosh yeshiva of Porat Yosef Yeshiva in Jerusalem for 45 years, nurturing thousands of students who, together with their students, constitute the bulk of Sephardic Torah leadership today. Among Attiya's most famous students are Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Rabbi Ben Zion Abba Shaul, and Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri.
Rabbi Ezra Atiyah (17th of Shivat 1857 - 19 Iyar 5766, 11 February 1887 - 25 May 1970) was the head of the Porat Yosef Yeshiva.
Born in Aleppo (Aram Tzuba) in Syria, then part of the Ottoman Empire, to Leah and Rabbi Yitzchak Atiyah, both from rabbinical families in the dairy community. On his father's side he is a descendant of Rabbi Shem-Tov Atiyah a disciple of Rabbi Yosef Caro, attributed to King David. And on his mother's side he is a descendant of Rabbi Eliyahu Shama Halevi, author of the book "Korban Esha". He was born after many years in which his mother found it difficult to have children. It is said that his mother went as far as the city of Tedaf in northern Aleppo, to pray in the synagogue of Ezra the scribe and there she vowed that if she conceived and gave birth to a son, she would call his name Ezra and dedicate his life to the Torah.
May his merit protect us and we hear good news soon!!

Rabbi Ezra Atiyah

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