Master Kabbalist. Benayahu ben Yehoyada was a warrior of King Dovid and later served as the head general of King Shlomo and head of the Sanhedrin. These are the thirty Tzaddikim that came to this world and did not cancel them from it. And about Benaiahu Ben Yehoiada it says "from the thirty, he is honorable," he is one of them. "But he attained not the first three." He is not measured to the other three that the world stands on them. In these thirty Tzaddikim, he did manage to be counted amongst them, "but he is attained not the first three" - that he didn't accomplish connecting with them and to be with them in one part. Like we just said, they were thirty and therefore, blessed him in these thirty Tzaddikim. (Zohar I 105)

Benayahu ben Yehoyada


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