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Strides To Solutions provides one of the highest quality mental health treatment in Israel. There are times when families are in need to put their child who has been diagnoised with a mental disorder in treatment, however they are unable to afford this quality and level of treatment. Equine Therapy at Strides To Solutions gives clients not just treatment but skills they learn that will last a lifetime. This is a huge mitzvah to be apart of the health and wellness for a child. 


The Insurance in Israel that covers a portion of "Equine Therapy" however these programs are very large, they run anywhere from 50-150 children a day through their program. The sessions are facilited by someone who has a minimum of a high school diploma, there is no requirement for someone to have a degree in psychology or social work to conduct "equine therapy." 


There is a need for high quality Equine Therapy, this is why Strides To Solutions (a project of Emuna Builders) was created. Strides to Solutions is a small therapeutic farm who's sessions are conducted by Esther Adams Aharony MSW, licensed Israeli social worker and Doctoral Canidate in Equine therapy. It isn't feasible to pay the amount of insurance required to partner with the Israeli insurances because Strides To Solutions doesn't see as many patients as the larger farms, as well as Esther is the only therapist that works at Strides to Solutions, there are no other therapists, so it provides 1-1 with the patient with a master level clinician (Esther) during their treatment. 


This sponsorship provides 4 sessions of treatment for 1 month, for 1 child in need. 

Sponsor 1 month of treatment for a child in Israel

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