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Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uzziel and the Highest Teachings of Kabbalah

In Kabbalah there are always certain doors that remain locked. If not

permanently, then up to a certain point. This is meant to keep the light from

falling in the wrong hands, to be misused for bad purposes as it has happened

throughout history.

One of the most enigmatic figures of the Talmud is Rabbi Yonatan ben

Uzziel and praying in his grave in Amuka is known to be Segulah for finding one’s

spouse. He is reputed to have been the greatest disciple of Hillel the Elder and

had the amazing ability to revive the dead. The sages teach that when he was

studying, the birds (a metaphor for “angels”) would burn up when getting too

close to him.

While we cannot do justice for this great Tanna from the first generation,

let’s see what we can understand from his life.

The Scriptural translation

Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel is also renowned for having authored the famous

Targum (translation) of the 5 books of Torah and the Prophets. When he wanted

to also translate the Scriptures (which include many allegories to the final

redemption), a voice came from Heaven and said “You’ve done enough”!

Clearly, this was not just a simple translation, but was meant to reveal

many hidden secrets that were unknown. This we know because all the Talmud

was written with Ruach HaKodesh. Many sages also expressed that without the

translation of these writings, they’d have no idea about the meaning of certain


The Arizal explains that Targum (translation) has the same Gematria

(numerical value) as Tardema (slumber). Rebbe Nachman adds that the

translation in Aramaic is in fact a first language contraction before the Hebrew

turns into the other languages of the world, and that’s why it retains holiness (and

also why the Kaddish and the Zohar were written like that).

The word slumber symbolizes the undeveloped stage (called Katnut,

“smallness”) of the systems of Sephirot called Partzufim. This stage is necessary in

order to be growth, and we all go through that before achieving any level above

our current.

It could very well be that had Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel been given

permission to translate the Scriptures, there would’ve been an excess flow of

light, which could even bring Mashiach. He was prevented from doing so

specifically because they contain many of these secrets, which could also cause a

lot of harm if they fell into the wrong hands.

Secrets of the Divine Chariot (Merkava)

Hashem’s infinite light simply can’t be revealed fully in this world. As

explained in the Etz Chayim and many other sources, it has to come clothed in a

vessel in order to be perceived. This is nothing less than the whole point of

Creation, that Hashem’s Light be known.

This infinite light often called Ein Sof (“without end”) must enter the holy

names of Hashem יהוה in order to empower them to effect what they need to do.

For this reason, we spoke in the previous article that the Arizal gave us the

mystical intention (kavanah) to imagine oneself filled with the holy name יהוה,

one for each of the main limbs of the person representing the Sephirot

themselves with their respective punctuation marks. This is a moderately

advanced technique which is depicted in the image below:

As we can see, the uppermost name represents the Sephirah of Keter and

we imagine it as shining in our skulls with the punctuation of Kamatz in all letters.

The right brain is the Sephira of Chokhmah, with Patach. The left brain is Bina,

with Tzere. These are the intellectual faculties. Then we have the body or

“emotional” aspects of the Sephirot, with the right hand with Segol representing

Chesed, the left hand with Shvah representing Gevurah. The middle name is the

body, Tiferet, with Cholam. The right leg is Netzach with Chirik, the left leg is Hod

with Kubutz, the foundation (Yesod) is Shuruk, and finally, the Sephirah of

Malkhut has a special configuration of punctuation marks paralleling the Holy

name Tzevaot צבאות .

In meditating upon these names, a person can acquire an incredibly

powerful downflow of light that will illuminate him. If one is pure enough, he can

even hear, smell, or see spiritual signs that will guide him in life. It is also possible

to ask these names questions and receive answers.

If a person is constantly meditating upon them, with Fear of Hashem, it’s

likely that he will also burn angels who approach him, but that may be a feat

reserved only for truly great Tzadikim like Rabbi Yonathan Ben Uziel.

May the memory of this holy Tanna be for a blessing and inspiration. I pray

that you should get all the blessings you need to live a great life!

This article was written in the zechut of all Emuna Builder Partners! May you have complete emuna, excellent health and success in all your endevors!

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