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Patriarches Tomb Today In Hebron!

B”H thank you for all the prayers and for those who gave a shaliach mitzvah for safe travels for us 🇮🇱 tizku l'mitzvot .

B”H we are only the messengers, and the tsedakim are the conduit to Hashem and our prayers. For those people who who commented in last weeks prayer threads they were prayed at the kevers of Rivka, Leah, Issac, Yackov and Abraham kevers. Side 📝 note our 85 year old Safta (grandmother) hears we are driving to Hebron and she says “I want to come.” she has not been to Hebron for 40 years and afterhearining all about my kever treks she wanted to come with me and pray! Moraccan women and their kever treks 😂I was honored to be davening by her side today! 💐Last week prayer threads💐 Fertility & Refuah shlema prayers went to Sarah’s kever. Strength to keep going prayers went to Abraham’s kever. Prayers for mental health went to Rivka’s kever Prayers for clarity went to Leah kever Successs in endeavors prayers went to Yackov’s kever All prayers were prayed over on Issac kever. Please light a candle today in the merit of what kever your prayers were prayed at 💙🇮🇱💙 *Rivka and Issac kevers are only open 15 days out of the year so today was a very special day to go there and daven!

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