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Honi HaMaegel

🙌🌷🌳6th Adar/ March 2🌳🌷🙌

Baruch HaShem! Good News!

🙌🏽B”H we are only the messengers, and the tzadikim are the conduit to Hashem!

Deep gratitude to our sponsor!

@Honi HaMaegel Tomb

In the zechut of Shulamit Ariella bas Sara Emenu Yisroel Aron ben Zesil Yaakov Yoel ben Shulamit Ariella For a complete and total yeshuah, to keep our house and to make a continued parnose from the rental business and good Health.

Everyone who commented in the “Honi HaMaegel” your prayers were prayed for today!

May we all continue to hear good news speedily!!

Please take up a good deed if you haven’t already and light a candle for the Tzadik

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