Father and Mother of Rashbi Prayer Trek

It’s pouring rain 🌧 here in Israel today but it’s not stopping me!

🙌🏽B”H we are only the messengers, and the tzadikim are the conduit to Hashem and our prayers. 🙌🏽

May we all hear good news soon!!!!!

Please light a candle in the merit of Yochai the father and mother of Shimon Bar Yochai if you commented in the prayer thread as your prayers were prayed there today!

💙In the merit of Yael Bat Bayli may all her future children be righteous and Tzvia Mechla Bat Rochel Bruna & Efriam Fischel Ben Tikva Sprintza, Raisel Bat to merit having healthy, G-d fearing and Torah learning children. Yocheved & Yehudah Moseh Ben Golda Feiga to merit having healthy, G-d fearing and Torah learning children.

**side note: When I first got to the kever it was raining and then got in front of it and for a couple mins it stopped raining and light was shinning on the kever I believe I connected with his mother and father today! Afterwards it started to pour rain while I was reading the names...I take this as a sign of mercy on everyone I prayed for today! May we hear good news soon!!!!

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