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5 Prayer Treks Today for Members & Partners!

B”H today’s prayer treks included:

🦋Aba Chilkiyah (WEB) 🦋R’Pinchas Ben Yair (WEB) 🦋Arizal (EB Partners) 🦋R’ Joseph Caro (EB Exclusive Partner) 🦋R’ Moshe David Ashkanzi (EB Exclusive Partners) May we all continue to hear good news soon!!! A BIG thank you to our sponsors and partners who made this happen for everyone today!!!

There is truly nothing like it! Women Emuna Builders

💕40 day spiritual challenges

💕Completing the book of Tehillim Daily

💕3 books of Tehillim completed on every Shabbat/Yom Tovs

💕Emuna Building Wisdom from the Tzadiks & Sages

💕Have your name prayed at some of the biggest Tzadiks gravesites in Israel 🇮🇱

💕 Emergency Prayers

💕 Supportive Community

💕Inspiring people all over the world to bring more kedusha into the world 🌍

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